Aluminum capacitor ripple current

Aluminum capacitor ripple current

Panasonic’s Capacitor product line has been expanded with OS-CON Aluminum-Polymer Solid Capacitors! It comes with capacitors which are made up of thin dielectric aluminum capacitor ripple current film wound along with electrodes of aluminum foils.

One of the most recommended capacitor brands, the LC Aluminum Can Capacitor is highly durable with a unique design that allows it to withstand extreme operating conditions. The KST series is a line of operating capacitors manufactured by Maedler. It is made out of metal-propylene, and is enclosed in an aluminum housing. The energy requirement is 90 kV up to 300 kV.

It has sealed construction and offers low maintenance. Aluminum provides a smaller capacitor option when high power ratings and high capacitance values are needed. Miniaturized, high CV-product per unit volume Natural pitch 2. The capacitor elements are surrounded by an aluminum case filled with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly vegetable oil-based gel. The aluminum foil acts as an electrode.

This construction ensures minimal lose of capacitors. Features: CYLINDRICAL V-CHIP CONSTRUCTION FOR SURFACE MOUNTING LOW PROFILE 4. CTB capacitors represent the ideal solution to compensate for small loads. Assembled in banks, they can be used in automatic P.

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