Broad ripple yellow currant

Broad ripple yellow currant

Tomatoes are pretty much my favourite food and were the initial motivation behind establishing a kitchen garden. I simply wanted to grow great tasting tomatoes to cook and eat. Things mushroomed from there to incorporate other vegetables and herbs but I am still looking for that perfect broad ripple yellow currant. This year I am concentrating on growing cherry and small tomatoes.

This represents their progress so far. Seed sown and seed tray kept in the laundry for warmth. First to germinate was Sweet F1 Hybrid. I move the seed trays outside the day I notice them germinating otherwise the plants become way too leggy as I don’t have a well lit windowsill for them. They live in a small plastic covered seed tray when outside.

Starting to get true leaves so I give them a dose of liquid fertiliser. I pot up the seedlings into 10cm herb pots. I think these should be ready for planting out in October which I think is about right for my part of Melbourne, but having said that I’ve planted out tomato seedlings as early as August and as late as December before and had good outcomes. I feel a need to give that maternal thing one last outing. This time with a neater, quieter, cleaner, cheaper, etc etc etc baby. This entry was posted in Summer Planting, Tomatoes, Winter Planting and tagged Tomatoes.

I love that while in this part of the world, we are soaking in the last of the tomatoes while you are dreaming of the harvest to come! I am impressed that you grow yours from seed. Thanks Hanni, I find the seedlings we have at garden centres of really variable quality. Besides which we generally get a better choice with seeds, not to mention the allure of the whole nurturing thing.

The list looks like a great selection. I’m going down the small tomato path too this year. All this optimism of the coming spring and summer is so exciting! But then I think but no they will be fabulous, especially with a bit of olive oil, salt and basil. Wow your tomatoes are ready to be transplanted. I have not found big tomatoes variety that are tolerant with our summer heat waves here.