Chocolate ripple cake video

Chocolate ripple cake video

We no longer chocolate ripple cake video this version of Internet Explorer. Today we launched our latest creation, the Ripple doughnut. It’s a doughnut in a doughnut in a doughnut. Doughnut Plant owner Mark Isreal says the inspiration was his bike.

Chelsea shop and he saw the circles of the bike tires and the tiles. He grabbed a piece paper and started drawing circles within circles. Doughnut Plant Chelsea, with limited quantities daily. This entry was posted in Headlines, Press by DPNYC.

Question about the yogurt granola doughnut in the ripple — Nutty granola or nut-free granola? I would like to order a ripple donut am I able to customize it or does it only come in the 3 flavors listed? How can i order the ripple donut? Right now, all Ripples are only sold in our NYC shops.

We are working on a cake version that will available for shipping at goldbely. Please let us know when you sell outside of NY. We are near Philly thanks and good luck! I’m in CA and already a gold belly client. Please advise when a schlub like me can order these amazing donuts!

I’ll keep an eye on gold belly. Right now, the triple Ripple is yeast and won’t travel. We would love to order your Ripple donuts please let us know how to do so. Will you ship the Ripple to homes soon? Hi — for now, the Ripple is only available in NYC.