Crypto parasite treatment

Crypto parasite treatment

Human Services and the Hospital Quality Alliance. Viral species, particularly herpesviruses, may crypto parasite treatment a role in Alzheimer’s disease biology. Crypto parasite continues to cause most outbreaks and illnesses linked to pools and water playgrounds. Men with erectile dysfunction are at greater risk for heart attacks, strokes and sudden cardiac death.

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Like any other tropical fish, discus can be exposed to many kinds of stress: frequent fluctuations in water temperature and pH value, polluted water, improper diet, improper tank mates, frequent netting, quarantine in unsuitable tanks etc. Stress directly weakens resistance to infections. Maintaining a stress-free environment is as important as using the right medicine. Actually, discus are very strong cichlids.

They don’t get sick as easily as other fish. They are more susceptible to only a few diseases that don’t normally attack other fish. Unfortunately, most local pet shops don’t carry these discus medications in stock. We would like to introduce these “hard to find” medications here only. Click “Add to Cart” to add a discus medication to your shopping cart. View your shopping cart contents before final purchase by clicking on the “Shopping Cart” button. You may adjust the quantity or remove items from your order here as well.

After you review your shopping cart contents and the total amount with shipping fee, you will be asked to pay with credit card or Paypal. International customers except Canada please ask for your shipping fee. Useful for the control of fin and tail rot, cloudy eyes and flexibacter infections. Add one tablet into aquarium for each 20 gallons of water.

24 hours for a minimum of 5 days. No water change is necessary between treatments. Add contents of one capsule into aquarium for each 10 gallons of water. Repeat this dosage every  24 hours for a minimum of 5 days. Discus become lethargic, sitting on the bottom or hiding in a corner together. Discus color seems to be fading or dull. Fins clamped, tail become cloudy, body maybe covered with some white film.

The epidemic goes from one fish to another very speedily. Fungus-cure” helps to prevent the spread and contain its diseases. Discus and other ornamental fish commonly infested with bacteria attack when netting, packaging, and transporting, as well as whenever there is a change of water chemistry. The fish subjected to these stresses and refuse food will suffer fin and tail rots, blackening, velvet disease, etc. Use 1 level teaspoon for every 12 gallons water.