Frequently Asked Questions

What is this new Lid for my trash can?

The new patented disposal & recycle cart lid was made to give consumers an easy to use Out-Of-Home service for communicating with & receiving deals from local & national businesses. It also gives businesses a new way to inform consumers about new products and deals. The lid is equipped with advertiser messages using paper-free plastics for more environmentally conscious use than most other direct consumer advertising materials. This unique lid also gives consumers 9 1/2 gallons more space above their lid rim for better waste & reuse storage.

Can I opt out of this program?

As a consumer you can opt out of this program by contacting us, but we believe you would be missing out of the huge benefits we have to offer with this service including more space for your can, savings from local and national businesses, & free product samples that will be attached to the can periodically. Additionally, opting out reduces the financial return that NCM gives back to your community.

How can my business advertise with NCM?

We offer several options for advertising with National Cart Marketing, LLC. Please contact us by phone at 855-NCM-CART (855-626-2278) to speak with us about what your options are.

I'm a hauler or municipality official, what are the benefits and how can obtain this service?

The benefits of using this service can prove to be very gracious for a hauler or municipality, and can bring great opportunity for new jobs, & environmental community stewardship. There are many more benefits available to you, so please contact us by phone at 855-NCM-CART (855-626-2278) to speak with us about what your options are.