Iota toxin

Iota toxin

Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Since I’ve been back my thyroid has been wreaking it’s annoying old havoc. I reckon what I learn from iota toxin auto-immune disease is applicable to anyone wanting to lead a better, more well life.

A life closer to the core. We are the canaries down the mineshaft. Want to know what’s bad for you? Despite being unable to walk properly the night before from weariness, I have not slept. I wear earplugs and an eyemask, but my hypersensitivity on thyroid days means I wake to the slightest stimuli.

The smell of the perfume of someone walking past my open window will do it. As a canary down the mineshaft, can I tell you, the stuff is poison. They’re swollen and bloodflow is restricted. These are usual symptoms on thyroidy days. From my neck down, my right side plays up.

From the neck up, my left side plays up. 1: Lack of sleep is the biggest trigger for thryoidy pain. 5 hours now will send things haywire. A cruel reality when thryoidy days beget insomnia. I feel tender and I don’t want people.

Imagine your worst hangover and times it by three. You know when the very idea of the phone ringing and having to deal with someone or some issue hurts to the core? I’ve realised lying down doesn’t work, as tempting as it can be. Enough to get the lymphs open and flowing. Overseas, I hiked on thyroidy days, for up to four hours.