Old dutch ripple chips

Old dutch ripple chips

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Quality Lives Here Since 1934 we’ve delivered the finest snacks, fresh from the heart of the Upper Midwest. We make them close by so they’re guaranteed fresh. We carefully hand-select potatoes and then cook them with the purest ingredients for a taste that can’t be beat. After all, if there’s one thing we’ve been completely devoted to since the beginning, it’s Quality Lives Here. Today we offer more than forty flavors of ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt. Click here to download our listing of Gluten-Free flavors. Banana – Made with ripe bananas.

Birthday Cake –  Cake batter chunks in Bassetts vanilla ice cream with colorful candy pieces and waves of blue icing. Butter Almond –  Our Butter Almond ice cream is specifically crafted with the ideas and aestetics of the good old days. Butter Pecan – Smooth Bassetts Ice Cream with toasted buttered pecan halves is a flavor that will fill you with nostalgic bliss. Butterscotch Vanilla – Swirls of rich butterscotch laced through creamy Bassetts vanilla ice cream make a taste treat never forgotten.

Cherry Vanilla – Cherry Vanilla is an ice cream flavor worth every bite. Plump and juicy black Bing Cherries are delicately intertwined with the smooth vanilla ice cream. Chocolate – Made with the finest Dutch cocoa. Local Wilber Chocolate Chips and the Bassetts signature vanilla bean blend. Chip Cookie Dough – This is not your ordinary cookie dough ice cream!

Cinnamon – This unique but delicious ice cream has an intense cinnamon flavor. It is a delectable accompaniment to any pie, cake or just savor the unusual taste all by itself. Coffee –  Smooth Bassetts ice cream flavored with bold and complex Brazilian coffee. Cream –  A delightful blend of chocolate cookie crumbles and ice cream. Dark Chocolate Chip – The Dark Chocolate Chip has more cocoa than our regular chocolate ice cream. Rona cocoa as our regular chocolate ice cream, for an extra rich chocolate flavor.

French Vanilla – Some vanilla ice creams are made with vanilla bean specks. Some vanilla ice creams are made with egg yolks. Our rich French Vanilla ice cream is made with both. Guatemalan Ripple – This one-of-a-kind flavor is a Guatemalan- sourced coffee ice cream with a mocha fudge ripple, blended with mini coffee-filled chocolates. English Toffee Crunch -English Toffee Bar brings out the candy lover in you.

Irish Coffee – The flavor of our rich coffee ice cream is enhanced with the addition of imported Jameson Irish Whiskey. Mango – Enjoy tropical vacations but don’t want to spend the money or time on the airplane? Our mango blended ice cream is easily comparable to a tropical paradise, but in ice cream form. Mint Chocolate Chip –  The Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is one to treat yourself on. This ice cream has chocolate chunks all blended together in mint ice cream. Mocha Chip – Coffee ice cream with semi sweet chocolate chunks. Fudge and loaded with Peanut Butter Cups.