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National Cart Marketing, LLC (NCM) is an advertising and information company specializing in interactive, out-of-home advertising.

NCM integrates several areas of expertise – information management, direct marketing, digital marketing, and recycling − to offer advertisers a high-impact advertising medium that is high frequency and low cost. Recognizing that waste and recycling cart lids are wasted space, NCM has repurposed, redesigned, patented, and manufactured new lid technology, offering a unique, high-value space for message delivery. NCM lids are integrated into robust web-based, back-end systems, allowing for response tracking and sophisticated, digital customer relationship marketing (CRM).

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Set-up for advertising on a national scale, NCM works closely with local governments and small businesses to promote community services and create opportunities for local government and small businesses. NCM strongly supports the small businesses with very low cost per impression advertising rates and web technical support. NCM also supports health related not-for-profit organizations with no cost messaging. We believe that Nothing Should Be Wasted®. With NCM’s redesigned lids and with the swipe of a phone, community residents have instant access to special offers from advertisers. Using NCM’s tools, business information, deals, and freebies are available in an environmentally friendly manner.


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Super Mobile-Friendly Design

Every advertisement placed on our new lids is tailored for mobile use. We have placed QR Codes that allow mobile users to scan and directly access a business’s website, coupon, or deal. We are also constantly developing increased mobile function for heightened consumer interaction, making our lids an innovative feature of the household rather.

A New Way to Save

Our lids are designed to give consumers the advantage in saving money and the environment. Using the QR Codes provided on the advertisements, consumers can connect directly to their favorite business and save time and money with deals and coupons. In addition, we’re already in the trash. Because we use reusable plastic materials for our advertisement production, unlike direct mail or door hangers that use paper products, less trees have to be used to relay a message. Think of all the mail received weekly, this cuts down on pointless waste and drives right to the message.

Free Product Samples!

Consumers using these lids will occasionally receive free product samples. Imagine your waste paying off. When you go to retrieve your waste or recycling can there will occasionally be a bag with free samples from local and national businesses.

More Space

Not only is this a new way for businesses to directly connect with consumers, or municipalities and haulers to have a new source of revenue, providing jobs to local communities, we’ve given consumers 9 1/2 gallons more capacity to their waste or recycling cart. This means more space and less visible waste.


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A New Direction

Recognizing that the lids to recycle trash carts were wasted spaces, NCM has repurposed, redesigned, patented and manufactured new lid technology.

NCM’s redesign has created opportunity for effective advertising in an area previously unreached. This design has also given additional capacity for waste storage to consumers. Using plastic materials vs. paper products, NCM has given advertisers and consumers a chance to share in these benefits while remaining environmentally conscious.

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An Easier Method of Reaching Consumers

NCM has repurposed the recycling cart lid spaces for direct consumer/business communication. The advertising on the lid come with QR Codes allowing quick access for consumers to obtain information, coupons, and important timely deals from their favorite local businesses.


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