Pictures of ripple deep weave hairstyles

Pictures of ripple deep weave hairstyles

In the darkened room, the woman her slaves only knew as Mistress K settled back into the soft, dark, red leather of a lounge chair and pale blue almond shaped eyes flicked to the laptop and the encrypted transmission it was connected to. The synthesised voice, despite the static, was clearly amused. You were very quick with the transfer so I presume you’re rather eager, shall we say? Emma Line, biology student, stepped from the strip club where she was pictures of ripple deep weave hairstyles working part time as an underpaid waitress- as well as trying to stop the clientele from slipping hands up her skirt- and took in a deep breath of midnight city air.

At the age of twenty, she had thought coming to New York had been exciting, and to study at university there too, well, that was the topping on the cake. Her plans had all been laid out while sitting in her bedroom flat back home. Throwing open her door with her body weight, after thrusting her hip against it four or five times, Emma staggered into her poky apartment and slammed the door behind her. It barely muffled the kitchen noises and yelled conversations from the restaurant downstairs that carried up and along the corridor from the cheap separating door at the other end to her flat.

The unmarked van pulled up outside the empty country road in the middle of nowhere and killed its lights. Just over the horizon, the dark sky of night was finally starting to give way to the dull and sickly blue of very early morning, the moon still clearly visible. As the van stopped, the sliding door on its side slid open silently on well oiled hinges, and the bulky figure of the gruff voiced man jumped out of the vehicle. Arriving at Mistress K’s large estate house, the BMW drove through the elegant and  tall gates and quietly rolled up the driveway, before taking a left to continue around to the rear of the house.

Once there, a white garage door slid open silently and it backed quietly into the garage space. Parked, One and Two stepped out of the car and, while One walked over to the nearside wall, Two popped the trunk open and began to pull the bag containing Emma towards her. Good, I’ll send them via email. Turning off the PDA, K turned to where Emma lay covered in suds and shivering with shame. Reaching out with the tape measure, K subjected Emma to the most humiliating examination the redhead had ever experienced. The Asian dominatrix measured every single angle and curve of her body from head to toe.

Emma had spent a terrible night, fitfully sleeping and having various nightmares about her treatment and what this asian dominatrix with a passion for latex had in store for her. It also had not helped that she had been unable to get into a comfortable sleeping position, and her muscles were half asleep due to the same problem. K smiled cruelly as Emma began to struggle in earnest, horrified at the thought of being pumped full of fluid to clean her anal cavity. So distressed and outraged was she, Emma began shouting swearwords at the top of her voice and yanking on the restraints that bound her tightly to the table. As she continued to turn the air blue, Mistress K quickly began to tire of the insults being hurled at her. Such insolence This will have to be dealt with.