Ripple recruitment

Ripple recruitment

Our priority at Ripples is to create a heavenly sanctuary just for you, which will be tailored to your every need. We have a strong team of talented designers who focus on exceptional design experience, the finest fittings and most innovative products, to provide you with unique, indulgent bathroom solutions. You’ll immediately find your showroom offers you a relaxing environment in which to build your idyllic bathroom scheme with expert designers on hand to help you make your dream ripple recruitment reality, every step of the way. We have published a revised version of our privacy policy to give you more transparency about the personal data collected and how it is used.

With Human Resource evolving as a key strategic component within the organizations, choosing the right HCM software is critical to engage and empower your employees. Why Choose Ramco HCM with Global Payroll Software? We have embarked on a Digital HR program to cross leverage the best practices across our multiple business entities while bringing in harmonization in HR processes and systems. Through this transformative project, we lay the foundation for our HR shared services and we wish to showcase the benefits that can be derived from using Ramco unified platform across multiple business entities.

As one of Dubai’s leading hospitality operators, Horizon Hospitality has become synonymous with speed and quality of service. Ramco’s cloud-based HR platform will help us streamline the outdated manual processes and equip us with exciting new digital toolset, freeing us up to focus on better service delivery, across our outlets. Our partnership with Ramco Systems will deliver digitized procurements, payments, and hire to retire functions, providing us with better visibility of our assets and improved productivity. With built-in Mobility and Analytics, we will be among the leaders in bringing a modern banking experience to all our stakeholders.

The fast changing nature of the ecommerce industry necessitated that we focus on right utilization of man-hours and let technology do the business processing for us. With Ramco, we have taken a step towards complete yet simplified way to run employee payroll, ensuring enhanced employee productivity. Is Your Business Ready for the Bot Economy? How do I explain whistleblowing on my CV?

Barely a day goes by without a fresh announcement about how banks are seeking to use blockchain technology to transform sizeable chunks of their business. Combining shared databases and cryptography, blockchain technology allows multiple parties to have simultaneous access to a constantly updated digital ledger that cannot be altered. The technology, which underpins cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, was initially treated with scepticism by banks. Blockchain is the hottest buzzword in the sector, even if the recent flurry of cryptocurrency fundraisings via “initial coin offerings” is attracting intense regulatory scrutiny. 107m raised by R3, the New York firm owned by 40 of the world’s biggest lenders.

Many of the new ventures by banks involve them setting up a consortium of like-minded companies or carrying out a “proof of concept” to test the potential of the new technology. In almost all cases there is little to show in terms of commercial significance. So which the areas of banking stand a serious chance of being transformed by blockchain? The Financial Times has spoken to almost a dozen bankers, consultants and analysts to come up with five areas of the industry most likely to see an effect. Clearing and Settlement It is not the sexiest area of banking, but the tangled web that records loans and securities costs investment banks billions of dollars to run. 10bn by using blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of clearing and settlement.

One of the best-known examples of this restructuring is the Australian Securities Exchange, which aims to shift much of its post-trade clearing and settlement on to a blockchain system. In the US, DTCC is working with IBM, R3 and Axoni to shift post-trade clearing of single-name credit default swaps on to a blockchain system by the end of next year. If this goes well, the plan is to do the same with other derivatives processed by the giant US clearing house. There are many different projects but Stuart Graham, chief executive of financial analysis company Autonomous Research, believes the industry will coalesce around one solution. Over the next couple of years, as the winning tool becomes clear you will see the whole industry line up behind up it,” he says. It is in none of their interests to keep all the bureaucracy and inefficiencies of the current back-office set-up.