Speedy bitcoin review

Speedy bitcoin review

W Governor was a gun a publically said I would never buy. 45 Colt rounds with dubious utility. In essence a Swiss Army knife, not particularly speedy bitcoin review at anything but marginally handy at everything when otherwise empty handed. I thought why would anyone want a gun that shoots .

410, 45 ACP, and 45 Colt and none of them extremely well as a dedicated gun? My accuracy results were about the same, but notably the Governor does deliver acceptable combat accuracy with . 45 Colt rounds and some slug shells. Indeed the Governor is not a 25-yard gun and instead a highly effective seven yard gun. You would not want to be downrange when it goes off, but do not be fooled that you are going to drill 25-yard A-Zone groups like with a Glock or shoot clays with any regularity beyond fifteen yards like with any typical shotgun. Maybe I needed something to shoot down misguided drones, use up the surplus ammo from a retired cowboy, or prove to my 1911 friends that the . 45 ACP cartridge is not an inherently accurate round.

Maybe I wanted to wreak destruction. WGovernor, the gun can be a nightmare. All of the rounds existing the less than precision Governor are devastating. The gun may not be accurate, but it makes a big hole in anything in front of it. On the AMC Walking Dead show, Daryl pulls the gun off a dead bad guy and realizes it is apparently loaded with explosive incendiary rounds and blows stuff up with it.

Though my FFL did not have any of the explosive rounds used on the show, we did pop off a few buckshot rounds on his range and the raw insanity of the gun sold me. Like many people, I saw a potential survival appeal of having a gun that can shoot three different rounds including shotshells and with caliber conversion inserts can even shoot everything from . Despite all that lack of perfection, shooting the Governor is a freaking blast. It is a gun which seems to find its way to every less than serious range day. If the 50 AE Desert Eagle had an alcoholic redneck brother it would be the Governor – both are a lot of fun for a few grin filled rounds of jovial shooting but not particularly practical. Shotshells are the best to have fun with if you can figure out how to manage the sharp recoil of this lightweight 29-oz revolver. 410 shotshell recoil seems similar to a 44 Mag round.

Watching fruit, coke cans, water bottles and clay pigeons explode with the shotshell rounds is a laughter producer. The Governor can realistically teach how to point shoot when loaded with some bird shot. By contrast I own a Thompson Center Contender with a 14-inch . 410 barrel and a Bond Arms . The Thompson Center Contender is arguably as serviceable as an actual full sized .

With that long pistol barrel, I can hit most thrown clays, can connect and drop junk birds in flight out to about 20-yards. 45 barrels delivers the same realm of accuracy as the Governor with about the same level of utility, but the Bond has the advantage that it can also shoot shoot full power hand bruising 3-inch . 410 shotshell versus being limited to just 2. This means that the your are limited to the smaller lead shot payload of the 2. Bond maybe has about a 5-yard max effective range and the Governor stretches the effective range to 10-yards with birdshot. I would never describe the gun that way.

45 ACPs were some of the least accurate, good plinking rounds, offer really fast reloads with full moon clips, and deliver minimal recoil – if you want to shoot the Governor a lot, you will likely be shooting . Through all my testing, the seemingly giant . W Governor with 3-4-inch seven-yard groups, reliable center of mass hits at 15-yards, and accurate enough to hit a full sized silhouette out to 50-yards. For an outdoor trail and snake gun there really is not a better gun for quickly handling everything from snakes to wolves to general personal defense. There is also a lot of utility to being able to easily swap ammo based on the need out on the trail or load a mixes cyclinder of shotshell, buckshot and . This is where the Governor is like the proverbial Swiss Army knife and handy when you do not want to carry four different guns. 45 Colt rounds are similar is power to the .